Our team of professionals will fully configure your Home Entertianment system with built-in reliability and ease of use.

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Master of your home

Let Criteria South equip your home with our personalized systems. We can place you on the cutting edge of technology by giving you unprecedented control of any system in your home through a single user-friendly interface.

Residential - Home Automation

Home Automation

Through our Home Automation technology, Criteria South will help you take command of your home. You’ll be able to control multiple home entertainment and technology systems with a single user-friendly interface. Tired of the all the remotes you have laying around your living room? A single elegant touch pad can easily replace those remotes, or any of your mobile digital devices can control your home systems from anywhere in the world.

With your device, you can program a variety of lifestyle scenarios to fit the flow of your day. Create an “Away” setting that will set back HVAC settings and turn off all lights, music and TVs when nobody’s home. Program a “Party” setting that will set mood lighting and broadcast music through whatever rooms of your house that you desire. The possibilities are endless and entirely up to you.

Residential - Lighting

Lighting Control

See your home in a whole new light!

Criteria South provides beautifully designed, superior products that help you live a life of ease, beauty and luxury. We all know how important lighting is to putting us in the right state of mind, and the lighting engineers at Criteria South can make it possible.  Transform your bedroom into a place of peace and tranquillity; keep your kitchen productive, functional and clean; turn your garden into a place of mystery and fantasy - all with the power of the right lighting!

Control your entire lighting system with the touch of a button and save energy at the same time. The possibilities are endless and we will help make your home the best showplace it can be.

Residential - Whole House Audio

Whole House Audio

We pride ourselves on finding innovative and future-ready solutions for your audio needs. We offer state of the art whole house audio systems that focus on giving you the best listening experience every time you turn it on. Whether you are spending the night on the couch with the family watching the latest blockbuster, or having friends over for a few drinks - our systems allow you to spend your time relaxing and not bothering with complicated audio systems.

Whole house audio systems from Criteria South allow you to choose from multiple scenarios with one touch control over the entire system, play different music in all different rooms, or play the same music throughout your house - turning your whole home into the ultimate entertainment unit with crystal clear sound.

Residential - Home Theater

Home Theater

Lights, camera, action! Hear every deafening boom and see every explosion as though you were there.

At Criteria South we design home theater experiences that will blow you away! With a large range of sound systems and high definition screens, we can build you the home theater that suits your budget and your needs. All of our systems are controlled with a single touch of a button on a smart phone or tablet which means that you will never have to miss a moment of the action!

Bring the movies home and experience entertainment at its best with carefully planned, easy to use home theaters.

Residential - Outdoor

Outdoor AV Lifestyles

Having a smart home means the outside can be smart too! Play your favorite music from discreet rock speakers around the pool. Enjoy the big game on your weatherproof TV and entertain guests while you barbeque on your fully connected back porch.

You will absolutely love the lifestyle enhancement a professionally installed outdoor entertainment system will bring. Call us today to come visit your backyard and provide a free consultation.

Residential - Networking


The first step to having an integrated home is having a solid home network so all of your devices can communicate effectively with each other.  Our highly trained technicians will run cabling throughout your entire home to establish a good foundation for a strong and reliable internet connection. We can also install your Wi-Fi access points and get all your devices connected so you can get to streaming your favorite shows or browsing the internet right away.

And with our seamless installations meaning no visible wires, your home will look as good as it ever did, but be far more functional.

Residential - CCTV


Owning a home is expensive, and leaving it every day for an extended period of time is a risk.  Criteria South is here to help. Provide yourself with the unequaled benefit of live video monitoring of your property.

Whether it is finding who is at your front door, suspicious activity around your home, a record of property theft, or checking on your pets while away from home, installing a surveillance system is your solution.

Having access to your security footage at all times will give you a much needed sense of control over your home and will help you achieve a well-earned sense of security.

Residential - Climate

Climate Control

We can offer climate control solutions that make your life much easier. Our systems give you the freedom to control many aspects of your home to suit your comfort. Adjust your thermostat via your smartphone before you leave the office. Program the shades to rise & fall with the sunrise & sunset. Intelligent temperature control means that your smart home system will sense the outdoor temperature and adjust the indoor temperature accordingly. While motion sensors can alert the smart home system to activity in seldom used areas of your home.  The result: greater savings and greater comfort!

Residential - Service

Service & Support

We are all about long term client relationships and providing exceptional support with our products and services. With each new project we enter into a relationship that we hope lasts many years. Our extended maintenance programs provide ongoing and preventative maintenance, system upgrades, and consultation on new innovations. Combined, these services ensure that each customer’s system continues to function reliably and all the benefits enjoyed to the fullest.

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